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 Poem / loss of shade قصيدة بالانجليزية

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PostSubject: Poem / loss of shade قصيدة بالانجليزية   Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:53 am

Poem / loss of shade
قصيدة بالانجليزية

If the lover ascended the highest mountain on whim
my heart and his delusions of kisses
And all hope sush nhim
In order to commit suicide out of despair of love
Who lost in shim
You will not go up the lumen
Not because the sun will not shine
Not because like may sink
But I will be eagerly awaited by
Down the mountain, hoping to capture and save him
l enter that time in the ideas underlying
Above those obsessed with al-Manar's hope the ship
Eyes on the coast and the sand was pregnant tranquility
And winds afraid, O my heart to turn off the lamp extinguishes
Ya love the moon in the old warp go for the morning
Oh my heart to be suitable
They love candle
The curtains at night
Being the length of eternity
Tear on the cheek
Of longevity
It is miserable cast
my love
They are preparing decorations
To wonder about this wretched
A wedding day
more flags
In a time of joy
And the days of laugh
O where the shadow disappear
I wonder where you are
the sun appears
In the horizons
Distressing is no stranger to
In this outdoor fair weather
Noise and wear a robe whisper
The prospects
Shadow goes up
Sat on the road and laments over land
Love die in the time of misery
Marginalized Bara
Crops die in the frost
They insisted from planting and harvesting
Of the wanted in post
in evry mind as host
Of complacency can be
Be lost
Spent separately no lied
Nebula in the prospects of the road
Haze clouds
Stained redness oh more red
And who is drowning all in dangerus as ied
All lost and wait for the fall of the beloved
Folding in the darkness as tied
There is a shadow died
Mahmoud el-Ayat
محمود العياط
زنا وفسق

collection of poems
water sound
A river of rock
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Poem / loss of shade قصيدة بالانجليزية
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