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 Poem Memories of Acacia tree

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PostSubject: Poem Memories of Acacia tree   Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:26 pm

Memories of Acacia tree
قصيدة بالانجليزية

Who wants to catch All birds on the tree Not one sparrow
hunt so Sparrow one or one bird Will not hunt no catch one at last his think
at night Sing on the branch
someone is just making as fine with other no wine I try to take my Attempts bine in every Roads, all ways in my sine each Trends and vine
I am a one in life as line not become kine . I'm just making as fine with other no wine I try to take my Attempts bine
near There is a river
in your life as When Fishing the Fish All wish each wanted ish Of rage other on dish so you must Reduce wish you
Conviction your dish
far There is Jungle
Lion hunting in the forest
They rules as city's rest
oh Fisherman
Hunter doves
some rose to My love l Pick it of the park oh from the orchard my heart Above I did not steal Rose or Their hearts they stole my heart
it was written on the tree that the Great is the fact that to be more and more but the greatest The majority of the other makes more and more so other become more great
mahmoud el ayat
محمود العياط
سواقى الهدير
على بحر يوسف
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Poem Memories of Acacia tree
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