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 Poem / Village

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PostSubject: Poem / Village   Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:17 pm

Poem / Village
Passed from village to

withdraw rainy nights as

below above my home
Donated to us the fun

day break his the heart

amulet was distilled with

worlds welcome
Loomed in the horizon

brightness sun came with

the blowing wind
as the rule and the tome
From the time of the first

two and the others there

and there are bad Haze

Haze is better I see our

cloud welcomes our day

not fasting From the time
Sound fields
spring planting Thought

Nature at all time
The buffalo-drawn peasant

boys splitter pome

About water tables of

weeds present water some
I sit above the dunes

locomotive as the dome
What with me only wishes

about life headmistress

who come
mahmoud el ayat
محمود العياط
ديوان راشيا الوادي
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Poem / Village
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