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  Poem Forward Us

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PostSubject: Poem Forward Us    Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:51 pm

Forward Us

Why formulate a question every day and when the

jurisprudence of the Nights impossible
so we Wait for tomorrow that more right
Why persist in fantasy and dream of the wishes Beach and

now we have an authentic day to assess what bridges why

running behind the vanity Cover Cover defects and

solutions so
lid wishes of    Tight
And we cry and we go and we go and cry and fall and rise

and going of life and evaluate bridges at Morning
Why Torture uslimitations submission and tell the tears
May occur this might
Word of our conversation and we did talk to my words and

actions where my words appear forenoon to Rain Cloud

to return the light
We will use everything from the untying dream and Build a

fantasy and calm down and to be Silent and calm down and

accept Silent and sleep at night
mahmoud el ayat
محمود العياط
collection of poems
water sound
A river of rock
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Poem Forward Us
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