Poem Remnants of a red rose

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Poem Remnants of a red rose

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:00 pm

Remnants of a red rose

When I was young my heart a great I walked to the garden my grandmother Step be step behind
Trees around the old house Picking a red rose and held around her home alone On to meet her and give her joy, her happy Destined to the build--------------------------------------
I have not found that day she went back went back sad Grandma died and began to garden and I got married and moved far Weather has become intolerant no mild
I became a great day but my heart still love The first small Became my first steps towards your house a unique event Beach sun does not have a pool Not forgotten Migrant bird
As if they were steps in the temple of love for lovers Claimed everything but the red rose is still in my book between the lines Such as in a forest see atrophied Wild
A red rose, like the face of faithful love beauty and like Prospects waiting gold gild
Interviewed the day after old age and old Was left of her love and her My Digital Life But Rose and child
mahmoud el ayat

محمود العياط
collection of poems
water sound
A river of rock


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