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  Poem Exist and Does not exist

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PostSubject: Poem Exist and Does not exist   Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:02 pm

Exist and Does not exist

Morning when the sun light
Write to me and you felt alone
Flowers Between the hand Here Will never die
You are everything as brief
Evening, faithful Moon over palm laughs
Office of the faithful image of our
Over the hearts between the branches of trees
And In dreams as Corporal arief
my heart always thank
Traveled to the empty universe
my baby when exist
everything become Different
when dose not exist
Tuck  In my heart What Does not appear
Voice of Owl In internal
Distances traveled Fire and smoke
Morning sadness Evening grief
mahmoud el ayat

محمود العياط
collection of poems
water sound
A river of rock
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Poem Exist and Does not exist
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