Poem No Smoking

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Poem No Smoking

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:04 pm

No Smoking

To be a cigarette
day and night
Every day and every day joy
It lasts and pleases you with all measure of humility divided

She says as well, "Give me my breath like chocolate and

rest my eyelids."

All dictionaries of thought are lost, boy
How old are we?
Something unclean
Like roses, the roses died
We are concerned about overbearing
The sun sacrificed
Narrowing our horizons and blowing up Giovanni
and the lids.

Let me mean the smoke of cigarettes
And for my soul to breathe a clean thing
Since when was the mood in us the rebates
Bites our wellness thirsty age
And the mind is behind the sharks
Chicks leaves
Death Certificate
And in life
You praise my pockets
and my rids.
mahmoud el ayat
محمود العياط
collection of poems
water sound
A river of rock


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