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  Poem When he spoke the cat

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PostSubject: Poem When he spoke the cat   Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:21 pm

When he spoke the cat

In newspapers
In stories

Owner spoke

  Or accompanied
Her cat breeding
I do not like oddity
I do not care
Go up the stairs
Experiment results have
I say it will never
Everything has a bill for pay

How can I forget
Best forgotten
It is ironic me
When you

Small stepped surface

Home, which

Spend the holiday faithful

There was a cat

On the surface

When approached

I felt them

I felt in my stomach meow

And the words

I walked away

Early morning
Have shouted
Wake up people
Blue cloud
The sun laughs
The usual scenario
Voices with piano
Here is a snapshot close

You that you can speak

Far from your belly
When he spoke the cat
it now
From any direction and lay
mahmoud el ayat
محمود العياط
collection of poems
water sound
A river of rock
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Poem When he spoke the cat
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